Collective Vision Team

Lisle Drury

Lead Pastor of Sojourn Church J-Town

James Fields

Lead Pastor of Sojourn Church Carlisle

Kevin Jamison

Lead Pastor of Sojourn Church East

Jonah Sage

Lead Pastor of Sojourn Church New Albany

Jamaal Williams

Lead Pastor of Sojourn Church Midtown

Brad House

Collective Director

Sojourn Church Carlisle Staff

James Fields

Lead Pastor

Ruth Gao


Christina Gonzalez


Nick Weyrens

Associate Pastor

Sojourn Church East Staff

Kevin Jamison

Lead Pastor

Bryan Lopina

Executive Pastor

Nora Allison

Director of Equipping Ministries

Moe Clark

Pastor of Community Life

Eric Johnson

Director of Lay Counseling

Trey Kullman

Family Pastor

Lyndsay Magar

Mother's Day Out Director

Seth Michels

Student Pastor

Julie Mitchell

Lead Pastor Assistant

Eddy Morris

Worship Director

Steve Neher

Director of International Sending

Hilary Noltemeyer

Director of Mobilization

Jonathan Pennington

Associate Pastor of Preaching

Maggie Tait

Sojourn Kids Assistant

Sam Yong

Worship Leader

Sojourn Church J-Town Staff

Lisle Drury

Lead Pastor of Sojourn Church J-town

Esther Beard

SojournKids Associate

Jordan Goings

Director of Family Ministry

Elliot Lee

Worship Pastor

Jen Stallard

Office Administrator

Ashley Stevenson

Director of Hospitality, Communications, and Women

Tim Wiggins

Property Maintenance Manager

Sojourn Church Midtown Staff

Jamaal Williams

Lead Pastor of Sojourn Church Midtown

Rafy Amador

Director of Connect and Follow-Up

Jonny Barahona

Director of Worship

Karen Cheong

Deacon of Care

Robert Cheong

Pastor of Care

Michelle Foster

Sojourn College Staff

Robinson Francois

Pastoral Assistant to Jamaal Williams

Nathan Garth

Pastor of Sending

Kristi Ivey

Director of Operations

Timothy Paul Jones

Preaching Pastor

Josmel Lafontaine

Pastoral Assistant to Nathan Garth

Jordan Lienhoop

Deacon of Sojourn Arts

Kyle Mallard

Sojourn College Staff

Brad McKeehan

Director of Student Ministry

Austin Oglesby

Technical Director

Rebecca Ramirez

Associate Director of International Missions

Josh Rothschild

Pastor of Reach Ministries

Allison Rushing

Director of Kids

Luke Skeen

Associate Pastor

Christina Stephens

Worship Administrative Assistant

Jason Stephens

Director of Sojourn College

Jarvis J. Williams

Preaching Pastor

Michael Winters

Director of Arts and Culture

Sojourn Church New Albany Staff

Jonah Sage

Lead Pastor of Sojourn Church New Albany

Lindsey Blair

Women's Ministry Director

Andy Davidson

College Director

Bobby Gilles

Associate Pastor

Kristen Gilles


Ryan Marsh

Worship Assistant

Michael Miller

Connect Director

Stephen Pierce

Family Pastor

Justin Shaffer

Deacon of Worship

Crissy Smith

Sojourn Kids Volunteer Coordinator

Stephen Smith

Missions Director

Collective Support Staff

Brad House

Collective Director

Connie Applegate


Christine Boehm

Communications Coordinator

Jack Brannen

Director of Communication

Dana Bratcher


Tyler Ladig

Director of Finance

Anna Owens

Associate Director of Collective Missions

David Sekanic

IT Manager

Elizabeth Smith

Graphic Designer

Maria Snell

Office Manager

Kendall Spaulding

Property Maintenance Manager

Patrick Steward

Director of Operations

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